AxeTrak Pro

It’s The Real Deal!
No DSP or Amp Modeling
Weighs just 20 lbs
100% Analog

What are the improvements?

We took a very different approach as to how we control the sonic qualities of this unit. The results are improved clarity and true reproduction of guitar tones for all styles of music.

We enhanced the microphone mounting assembly which now offers 100 degrees of mic rotation as opposed to only 30 degrees on the earlier ATV model. This improvement  will offer unlimited versatility and flexibility as to how you choose to record your guitar tracks. The thumbscrew adjustment has also been improved to provide smoother rotation of the assembly.

This unit comes stock with our new design AxeTrak “Rapture” speaker which has extended frequency range and true guitar voicing for pristine highs and thunderous lows if desired.

This unit is equipped with a dual-gang double-rocker switch as opposed to the single high-frequency roll-off switch on the earlier ATV model. The left switch is a passive bass boost and the right switch is a passive treble boost. These switches provide a significant increase in the overall tonal variations of this unit.


Detailed Benefits of the AxeTrak®


  1. The AxeTrak® “PRO” is hand made and constructed using only the finest components to insure years of great sounding, trouble free recordings. The cabinet is made from high quality, Baltic Birch plywood for a warm, tight sound. One of the features that makes this new version of the AxeTrak® so flexible is the fact that you can now adjust the rotation and axis of the internal microphone throughout 100 degrees. For High gain applications you may want to have the mic turned slightly off axis for a smoother less present tone. For recording clean rhythms you may want the microphone direct on axis with the speaker to capture a brighter tone with more presence and snap. Dual passive boost switches add even more flexibility and tonal versatility. The AxeTrak® “PRO” also features an easy access Deep Plug should you want to move more air. The unit is fuse protected so you never have to worry about blowing the speaker. This unit is very articulate and works perfectly for reproducing all styles of music.
  2. As most guitarists and studio musicians already know, it is virtually impossible to record natural sounding overdriven and distorted guitar tones via the output jack (preamp out, line output, recording output or speaker output) of any guitar amp. The reason for this is simple. The rich warm tone desired by most lead and rock guitarists can only be created by a speaker, responding to a overdriven or distorted signal. Direct amplifier output signals tend to sound fake, fuzzy and extremely harsh. The AxeTrak® alleviates this problem by allowing the user to connect directly from the speaker jack of their guitar amp to the input jack of the AxeTrak®. The output of the AxeTrak® is then plugged directly into a recording console, mixing board or computer soundcard using a standard low impedance microphone cable.
  3. Most serious guitarists have spent a great deal of time and effort developing their sound by using a specific brand(s) of guitar amplifiers, signal processors, effect pedals, guitar pickups etc. The AxeTrak® makes it possible for guitarists to keep their unique sound, and utilize all of the devices that help create their sound. The AxeTrak® is designed to replace or work in conjunction with an existing speaker cabinet, therefore allowing unlimited possibilities for sound variations. Unlike many devices used for home recordings and professional recordings which make everyone using them sound like they are playing through the exact same setup.
  4. To improve the signal to noise ratio as well as get the best sound from your amp, its no secret that lead and rock guitar tracks are usually recorded very loud. The AxeTrak® allows recording of the big rock sound as well as the smooth sweet lead sound at almost no audible volume. This is an excellent feature for guitarists living in apartments, or any environment where sound level is a concern.
  5. Audible interruptions or sudden noises ruining a guitar solo or recording track is a thing of the past with the AxeTrak®. The recording pickup is enclosed in the cabinet and is being totally driven by the sound inside the box at a close proximity. It would take an extremely loud sound to ruin a recording when using the AxeTrak®. No more need for sound baffles to isolate the sound being recorded.
  6. In live performance situations, it is no longer necessary to place a microphone in front of the guitarist’s speaker cabinet to mic through mixing console. The AxeTrak® is designed to be able to work in conjunction with an existing speaker cabinet. If your amp has two speaker jacks, you simply plug one into your existing speaker cabinet for local sound, and plug the other speaker jack into the AxeTrak®. Finally, let the output of the AxeTrak® feed the mixing board. This device is a sound or recording engineer’s dream. When the AxeTrak® is used as a direct box for guitar on stage, the sound engineer will not have to deal with the issue of other instruments bleeding into the guitar microphone. This adds to a cleaner mix with better separation. Click here to view a sound engineer’s testimonial
  7. The AxeTrak can also provide a quiet rehearsal solution for any amplified band wanting to rehearse with their stage equipment but not wanting to be heard by their neighbors. It is necessary for the drummer to have digital drums of course. Guitarists and Bassists simply plug into their amplifiers and then plug into their own AxeTrak. Each AxeTrak is then plugged into a mixing board or any type of monitoring system. Each band member will need a pair of decent closed ear cup headphones, but that is it. We have sold a large number of AxeTrak’s to various bands across the globe for this exact reason. The results are incredible. Band rehearsals sound more like live recordings with total instrument isolation and control. This setup also allows for incredible live recordings.