Hands Down ... The Most Versatile Isolation/Speaker Cabinet on the Planet!

The AxeTrak® 112 is one of the most revolutionary guitar cabinets of it’s time. It comes loaded with a 12″ speaker for live stage monitoring and also includes an internally mounted AxeTrak “PRO” isolation cabinet for direct micing and/or recording. The AxeTrak® 112 has a dual input impedance that can be switched between 4 and 16 ohms. It can handle 120 watts RMS. This cabinet was designed specifically for the working guitarist that needs a small solid cabinet, but still needs to be able to record the sound of their amp without disturbing the peace. This cabinet offers several benefits over traditional cabinets as well as other traditional isolation cabinets. Never again be caught on stage without a microphone to amplify or record the sound of your live rig. The AxeTrak 112 has an adjustable built in custom designed dynamic microphone mounted inside the in-cabinet AxeTrak “PRO” isolation cabinet. Just plug in a low impedance microphone cable and you’re ready to record or run through the house sound with perfect isolation from the other musical instruments on stage.

The AxeTrak® 112

  • Comes complete with in-cabinet AxeTrak® “PRO” for self-contained quiet recording and stage miking. Cabinet can be manually switched between mode 1- (1 x 12” speakers w/Axetrak) and mode 2– (Internal AxeTrak® only). Whichever mode you select, the impedance will stay the same. 
  • Comes stock with a 12” speaker for onstage monitoring.
  • Cabinet has dual input impedance selector switch that toggles between either 4 or 16 ohms. 
  • Handmade and constructed from ¾”, hardwood plywood for superior strength, warmth, and the best possible tone.
  • The back of the cabinet is predominantly closed but has a large rectangular cutout to loosen the damping of the speaker and to provide a more open sound. 
  • LPad allows you to drive your amp nice and loud for the internal AxeTrak and then dial in just the right amount of stage volume to monitor your tone.
  • Cabinet will handle 120 watts RMS in either Mode. 
  • Cabinet totally isolates the guitar from other live instruments when used as a direct box for live performances. This adds to a cleaner mix with much better separation. 
  • Cabinet is covered in heavy-duty Ivory Tolex with black hardware and silver trim. Black is also available if requested.

The in-cabinet AxeTrak® gives you all of the same benefits as the original stand alone AxeTrak® isolation cabinet. It silently captures the true mic’d sound of any guitar amp. The AxeTrak uses our custom designed AxeTrak® “Rapture” speaker. The sound radiating from this speaker is converted into an electrical signal with the use of a special cardioid dynamic microphone cartridge, which has been carefully selected and modified for this unique application. The internal microphone assembly is securely mounted and can be easily adjusted by turning a simple thumbscrew mounted on the outside of the outer cabinet. When the thumbscrew is turned counterclockwise to the stoping point, the microphone will be roughly 25 degrees before on axis. When the thumbscrew is turned clockwise to the stoping point, the mic will be rougly 75 degrees beyond on axis. This convenient feature gives the user incredible flexibility as to how they wish to record their guitar tracks. The internal AxeTrak® also features an easy access “Deep Plug” that can be easily removed should the user want to move more air.

AxeTrak® Isolation Cabinet for Guitar

  • Enables true analog signal path for recording of thick warm rhythms, bright clean tones with lots of presence, and excellent lead tones 24/7 without being heard by your neighbors.
  • Solves the problem of having to record at ear blistering levels to capture the natural sounding distortion and overdrive produced by the speaker of a loud guitar amp.
  • Side mounted thumbscrew enables the user to easily adjust the microphone position and angle giving you total flexibility on the type of tone you wish to record. We took your suggestions seriously!!!
  • Eliminates interference and the possibility of unexpected background noises affecting the recording of guitar tracks.
  • Passive bass and treble switches provided a lot of flexibility for the overall recorded tone of the unit.
  • Enables any guitarist to record the sound and characteristics of their live rig (amp, pedals, racks, and other devices) but not wanting to haul around the speaker cabinets.
  • Totally isolates the guitar from other live instruments when used as a direct box for live performances. This adds to a cleaner mix with better separation.
  • Removable deep port extends low-end frequency response and allows the cabinet to move more air if desired.
  • Portable and does not require a power supply or battery. This device is extremely reliable and is not sensitive to voltage spikes and changes in AC power lines like digital signal processors. The AxeTrak® is a sturdy workhorse for the studio or performing guitarist.
  • Makes a perfect late night practice speaker cabinet. You get the sound and feel of your live rig but at a level not much louder than a whisper.
  • Can provide a quiet rehearsal solution for any amplified band.  
  • The speaker in the AxeTrak® produces an extremely warm tone with an almost vocal quality. It’s response is true across the full spectrum of guitar frequencies. Your guitar tracks will sing and cut with incredible clarity and definition.  

The AxeTrak® 112 is very simple to use. Simply connect the speaker jack of any guitar amp to the input jack of the AxeTrak®. If you wish to mic or record your rig just plug a low impedance microphone cable into the XLR output jack on the back of the cabinet. Plug the other end of the mic cable directly into a recording console, mixing board, or computer soundcard. The audible sound radiating from the in-cabinet AxeTrak® is that of a whisper, while the recorded or mic’d sound coming from the low impedance balanced output is pure rock tone. This cabinet enables the guitarist to hit it hard and heavy on stage, while providing a true mic’d output for the sound engineer. When the gig is over, simply hit the toggle switch on the back of the cabinet and you are now in silent mode. You can record thick rock rhythms and screaming leads anytime, day or night. The neighbors will never hear a thing. The AxeTrak® is revolutionizing the way overdriven and distorted guitar tracks are being recorded.

Size: 26” (660mm) Width, 18” (457mm) Height, 13.25″ (336mm) Depth
Weight: 62-70 lbs. depending on speaker

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