Sound Clips

Guitar Sound Clips


This sound clip was made using a Peavey Ultra 112 combo, a Strat style guitar with Seymour Duncan JB (SH-4) pickup in the bridge position, and the new AxeTrak® “PRO” isolation cabinet. No effects were added other than amp reverb. This one clip has 10 different samples on it so you will get an idea of what the unit can do for various styles of music. Last two samples were recorded with a 7 string guitar.

The following 3 clips were recorded using the older “AXT” version of the AxeTrak®.

Bass Sound Clips


The first three clips were recorded using a P bass with a Bartolini pickup in the bridge position, and a vintage Randall B1000 Road Warrior bass amp with the exception of the 2nd clip. The bass amp used on the “P Bass with Drums” clip was the Behringer Ultrabass BX3000T amp. The last three clips were also recorded using a P bass and a Behringer Ultrabass Bx3000T.