JLH-DC001 Drop Clutch for Roland VH-Series Hi Hats

Roland Drop Clutch

Stops your Hi-Hat cymbal from spinning.
Locks the striking edge of the cymbal in a consistent place.
Is very simple to setup.
Does not require any modifications to the original Roland parts.

The JLH-DC001 Drop Clutch was designed to work with Roland VH-10, VH-11, VH-12, and VH-13 series of electronic Hi-Hats. It comes complete with lever/latch mechanism and the custom JLH Clutch Holder Guide assembly which is made in the USA. The unique design of the guide assembly allows the lever/latch mechanism to work as intended while also keeping the cymbal from spinning. It is crucial when playing electronic hi-hats that you maintain the position on the striking edge of the cymbal. This is the perfect device for drummers that play double bass.

How to Mount on Roland Clutch Assembly

The first step is to adjust your Roland Hi-Hat clutch the way you would normally set it. Pay particular attention to where the Roland logo is on your cymbal in relation to where you want to normally strike your Hi-Hat cymbal. Loosen the locking lug bolt on the backside of the Roland Clutch holder and also loosen the large butterfly bolt so that the clutch holder can spin. Now unthread the existing clutch holder from the clutch. Keep the cymbal and clutch in the same orientation.

The Cymbal and Roland clutch should now look something like this. 

Now unscrew the locking thumb screw on your new clutch holder assembly so that you can screw it onto your existing Roland clutch. Make sure to keep the orientation of the cymbal and clutch intact. Make sure that the locking thumb screw is either on the left side or right side of Roland logo on the cymbal. This will determine which side the lever for the drop clutch will be on. Once the assembly is completely threaded onto the Hi-Hat clutch, hand-tighten the thumbscrew with your fingers. DO NOT USE A LOT OF FORCE. This screw is only to keep the assembly from spinning on the Hi-Hat clutch, which would change the orientation of the cymbal. It should not be over tightened. ​

Now install your new drop clutch on the Hi-Hat stand. Make sure the latch portion of the drop clutch resides at the top of the black channel. It must be inside the groove of the black tube. We suggest that the top of the latch is even with the top of the black channel like the illustration. Now tighten the large butterfly bolt on the drop clutch to lock it in position on the Hi-Hat stand.

Now press down firmly on your Hi-Hat pedal and the lever should engage the assembly and latch on. Now you can use your Hi-Hat normally. When you need to use double bass or just want the Hi-Hat to stay in closed position, press down on the top of the lever.

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