What is the AxeTrak® Isolation Cabinet?

The AxeTrak® Isolation Cabinet is a valuable production tool. It provides a convenient means of quietly capturing the unique characteristics and sound of any guitar setup. In other words, the guitarist takes a live guitar rig, (guitar, stomp boxes, loop effects, guitar amp) and plugs it into the AxeTrak. The AxeTrak Isolation Cabinet, or ISO cab as it is often referred to, will replace the guitarist’s existing speaker cabinet.

The AxeTrak® is capable of reproducing natural sounding rhythms and unbelievable sounding lead guitar tones. Simply connect the output of the AxeTrak to a mixing board, soundcard, or recording console. Don’t let the compact size fool you! The AxeTrak® Isolation Cabinet is fuse-protected and will handle approximately 75 watts RMS of power. As a result, this unit works great with any 5 – 120 watt RMS guitar amplifier that can drive an 8 ohm load. 4 and 16 ohm impedance models are available as well. The AxeTrak® Isolation cabinet is not designed to handle high-power guitar amplifiers cranked at full volume like a power attenuator. Instructions for high-power use are clearly explained in the user manual and on our FAQ’s page.

Construction and Components

The enclosure is made out of high quality, hardwood plywood for a warm tight sound. The unit is covered with heavy-duty, charcoal gray speaker carpet which provides sound dampening and long lasting durability.

The heavy-duty 6.5″ driver used in the AxeTrak® Iso cab is custom made for our unique application. The sound is converted into an electrical signal with the use of a dynamic microphone cartridge. This cartridge has been carefully designed and manufactured exclusively for this device. This cartridge is securely mounted and can be easily adjusted by turning a simple thumbscrew mounted on the top of the unit. This feature gives the user incredible flexibility as to how they wish to record their guitar tracks. The AxeTrak® isolation cabinet is hand made and assembled right here in the USA. Built the old fashion way, with pride and attention to detail, one unit at a time.

Late Night Recordings...

As most guitarists and studio musicians already know, it is virtually impossible to quietly record natural sounding guitar tracks via any standard output jacks on your guitar amp. The warm sound desired by most guitarists can only be created by a speaker of a good sounding guitar amp being mic’d in the right environment.

Direct amplifier outputs sound fake, fuzzy and extremely harsh. The AxeTrak® isolation cabinet eliminates this problem by allowing the user to connect directly from the speaker jack of their guitar amp to the input jack of the AxeTrak®. The output of the AxeTrak® is plugged into a recording console, mixing board or computer soundcard using a standard low impedance microphone cable. This setup allows the guitarist to record a true direct, isolated signal. This signal includes preamp tubes as well as the power tubes when using a tube amp. This is important for any serious guitarists.

We make it easy for you to record your guitar rig anytime you feel like it . . . without disturbing your neighbors and others in your home.  For more info please click here

AxeTrak® Pickup Tester / Sampler

Finally . . .  A no hassle, quick and easy way to audition and test pickups on your electric guitar


U.S. PATENT 9,093,058

Our Pickup Tester lets you test and audition guitar pickups on your guitar . . .

Without having to change, remove or even loosen your strings
You do not need a soldering iron to connect your pickup under test
There is no need to remove your pickguard and pickup ring to access critical wiring
Without having to remove back plate plastic to access critical wiring
Tester mounts quickly and easily anywhere on the smooth finished surface of guitar
Lets you quickly audition series, parallel and split coil wiring configurations on mulit-wire pickups with our 3-way switch mounted on circuit board

JLH-DC001 Drop Clutch for Roland VH Series Hi Hats

JLH drop clutch 1

Our device is simple to setup and does not require any modifications to the original Roland parts.

The JLH-DC001 Drop Clutch was designed to work with Roland VH-10, VH-11, VH-12, and the VH-13 series of electronic Hi-Hats. Our Drop Clutch comes complete with lever/latch mechanism and the custom JLH Clutch Holder Guide assembly which is made in the USA. The unique design of the guide assembly allows the lever/latch mechanism to work as intended while also keeping the cymbal from spinning. It is crucial when playing electronic hi-hats that you maintain the position on the striking edge of the cymbal. It is crucial when playing electronic hi-hats that you maintain the position on the striking edge of the cymbal. This is the perfect device for drummers that play double bass.