The AxeTrak sounds HUGE! For something so quiet it makes a sound that can tear your face off. I mix as a freelance FOH audio engineer for a lot of churches and shows in the Southern California region. I have never been able to get such a smooth and consistent tone from any other mic/cab arrangement. Generally lead players will have a lot of 2k – 4k abundance of tone in their live rigs and that is hard to make-work for us out at FOH mixing a show. The AxeTrak sends a near perfect tone to mix. The output of the box is at a real good level for just about any mic preamp. Not too hot and not too quiet. If you are looking for a great balance of tone between the studio and replicating that sound live you need to try an AxeTrak. Consistency has never been easier. Another really great application for the AxeTrak is with the use of IEM (In-Ear Monitor) systems. Stage levels are becoming an ever-increasing issue in our industry. In Europe dB level limitations are already in force for shows and we could soon see the same here in the US. Hearing damage is on the forefront of many industry forums and many venues are pushing for lower stage levels. Up till the AxeTrak there has only been pedal options for guitar and bass players to go quiet in live situations. Pedals alone just don’t sound like a real tube amp screaming for mercy and so many guitar players will opt to hear the yelling from people about the volume. I hate having to tell a guitar player to turn down and basically wreck their sound. The AxeTrak is the perfect answer to this dilemma. In my 25 years of mixing professionally I have not heard such a great guitar tone come from something so humble in volume.

Eric Kibbe
Freelance Audio Engineer
Dunamis Recording Services, Inc.

Clients: Saddleback Church, New York Summer Stage Series, Mariners Church, House of Blues, Lake Avenue Church…