Drop Clutch for Roland VH-14D

Our Drop Clutch for Roland VH-14D is identical to our standard model with two exceptions; (1) The latch guide is blue (2) the inner mounting threads are matched to the Roland VH-14D cymbal mount shaft.

There are a few things you must consider before buying our NEW Drop Clutch for Roland VH-14D Hi-Hats. 


Please consider the following BEFORE purchasing:

1. The stock Roland Clutch assembly has a locking allen screw that must be removed if you intend to use our JLH Drop Clutch. Please be aware that one of our beta users thought that Roland may have used some type of low strength liquid thread locker on the locking allen screw.  However, all of the allen screws were successfully removed with no problem. 

2. Some of our beta users have stated that even when they remove the locking allen screw on Rolands VH-14D clutch, the clutch assembly does not easily unscrew from the threaded cymbal mount shaft. This is due to the threads being slightly disfigured or flattened by the factory tightening of the allen screw. If you are NOT comfortable applying the pressure to remove this part we totally understand. We have spoken to a good number of VH-14D users and the results have varied. Most remove the part with no problem however some would rather not risk the possibility of damaging the threads on the shaft. Our Drop Clutch is designed to work in conjunction with the stock Roland part, however, we are in no way responsible for any damage that may occur to your device while trying to remove the stock Roland clutch. 


Please check your unit and consider ALL of the information on this page BEFORE purchasing our Drop Clutch.